Yunus A Cengel Heat & Mass Transfer


Title: Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: Yunus A Cengel

From the Book Description:

This text is the outcome of an attempt to have a textbook for a practically ori-ented heat transfer course for engineering students. The text covers the standard topics of heat transfer with an emphasis on physics and real-world applications, while de-emphasizing intimidating heavy mathematical aspects.

This approach is more in line with students’ intuition and makes learning the subject matter much easier. The philosophy that contributed to the warm reception of the first edition of this book has remained unchanged.

The goal throughout this project has beento offer an engineering  textbook that:

• Talks directly to the minds of tomorrow’s engineers in a simple yet precise manner.

• Encourages creative thinking and development of a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

• Is read by students with interest and enthusiasm rather than being used
as just an aid to solve problems.

Special effort has been made to appeal to readers’ natural curiosity and to help students explore the various facets of the exciting subject area of heat transfer. The enthusiastic response we received from the users of the first edition all over the world indicates that our objectives have largely been achieved.