Your Guide To Write The Best Social Media Posts

The world has completed a full circle. There was a time in the past when people used to write diaries. They used to get mad when someone read them. Now, people put everything online on the social media. However, they still get mad when others do not read them. This is what social media can do to you. Writing social media posts have thus become more of a rule than the exception. We shall look at certain basic skills in posting content on the social media.

What is Social Media?

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Under the present circumstances, it is sacrilege if you do not know what social media is. We shall go by the simple definition of social media. It comprises of a variety of internet applications using which people can post their content and interact with each other. It has become an integral part of life. If you are not in social media, you are literally out of business. Hence, you find every business enterprise having a social media strategy plan.

Social Media Posts

The golden rule about posting on the social media is. “Don’t use it to impress others, use it to impact people.” Here are some tips that can help write meaningful social media posts.

Guide To Write The Best Social Media Posts

1. Be As Casual As Possible

The beauty of social media is that it is an informal media but at the same time a defining one as well. Hence, engaging your audience is important. This is what drives traffic to your website. Being able to write in a formal language is great but it does not help in engaging people, Social media is more of a conversational type of media where you respond and react to your customer’s comments. This is a great platform to let others know that you have their interests in mind.

2. Consistency Matters A Lot

Being casual is great but being consistent is important. This is essential for having an effective social media marketing strategy. Building a style guide can help you a lot. You can include the following aspects in your style guide.

  • Have a clear mission as to why you are on social media.
  • Know your audience well because they are the ones who are going to drive your business.
  • A casual conversational tone always helps to engage with people.
  • Be consistent with your spellings and capitalization of words.

3. Be As Brief As Possible

Writing a very long social media post is not necessary. You are not writing a novel but telling a story in an effective manner. Being brief with your posts can engage people more. Every social media channel has its own standards. Twitter tweets should not be greater than 100 characters long while Facebook posts are more effective when they are less than 40 characters. You can always save your longer posts for your blogs.

4. Images Count

Pictures can convey messages that thousands of words cannot. Statistics show that posting pictures on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have a greater interaction rate. Including high-quality images in your social media posts can help you to engage on a better level with your audience.

5. Ask Relevant Questions

One of the best ways of engaging your audience is to ask questions. In this way, you draw them into the conversation. Secondly, ask relevant questions. If you are promoting a restaurant, it would be foolish to ask people about what they feel about the climate. A better question would be as to what their favorite food is. The question about the weather would be appropriate if you run a boutique. You will be able to introduce a new garment to suit the weather.

Social Media Posts

In addition to increasing engagement, you learn more about customer demographics and interests when you interact with them. Social media is all about having interactions with people. Asking relevant questions entails that you put your audience before yourself.

6. Use Social Media Posting Tools

Using social media posting tools is very beneficial. One of the best tools available in the market is Social Message Optimizer. There are certain unwritten rules that you have to follow while writing social media posts. It can be difficult for you to remember each one of them. The best way out is to use social media posting tools. They take care of the mechanics such as character length, emoji count, number of hash tags, etc. These are essential ingredients in every social media post.

7. Be Careful With Your Grammar

Of course, nobody expects you to be a William Shakespeare. Nevertheless, you need basic writing skills to write social media posts. Avoiding sillu (Sorry, silly) spelling mistakes should be your priority. You can do well to use a tool such as Grammarly. It is available as a free browser extension. You can install and use it to check your spellings and other grammatical mistakes. The last thing you need is people commenting on your spelling mistakes.

Social Media Posts

Using the correct voice is important for social media promotion. Readers prefer the use of active voice in sentences. It makes for a direct conversation thereby ensuring effective communication.

Using correct punctuation is very important. The following example can explain things better.

A group of people were given the assignment to punctuate the following sentence. “A woman without her man is nothing.” The results were astounding. The men in the group did it this way. “A woman, without her man is nothing.” The women had a different point of view. “A woman, without her, man is nothing.” See the difference a comma can make to the entire meaning of the sentence.

8. Do A Double Check

In spite of taking all the precautions, errors do creep in. They can be embarrassing at times. It can make your social media post look very unprofessional. It is always better to have someone read your content before you post it online. One should remember this aspect when writing for social media.

9. Write What People Want To Share

The very essence of social media is building connections and relationships. Sharing content is an important aspect. Hence, it is better if you write content that people would love to share with others. This is a psychological aspect of social media writing. You are dealing with creatures of emotion and not creatures of logic.

People like to identify with social causes. Ensure that your posts or tweets carry a social message. It is better to avoid controversial topics. This can do your social media marketing campaign more harm than good.

10. Avoid Using Sales-oriented Language

Social media promotion is important but that does not mean you should overdo it. Ensure that your post is informative, entertaining, and engaging. You will achieve your objective automatically. There is no need for you to push your messages through.

Social Media Posts

There are ways of writing social media posts without being too pushy. Focusing on the benefits to the customer is one way. Invoke a sense of curiosity by including interesting links. One more way to engage customers is to leave a question unanswered. Include a link that leads to the answer.

11. Include a Call-to-Action

Be specific and creative when you include a call-to-action. A call-to-action message like “Get the best beer here” will never elicit any response. Instead, frame it as “Wonder what intelligent people drink.” You induce people to click on such links. This is the essence of social media marketing.

12. Scheduling Your Post is Important

Social media readers do not have much time to read your messages. There are numerous social media platforms. People keep juggling from one platform to the other during the day. Hence, it is important to schedule your posts so that you get the optimum advantage.

Using a social media scheduler tool like Hootsuite or Buffer can help you plan your posts in the best manner. Also, learn how to maintain a social media calendar.

13. Exhibit Variety

There are various social media platforms. Tailoring your messages to suit the platform is the best way to exhibit variety. Each social media platform requires a unique strategy.

  • Facebook: Facebook focuses on news and entertainment. Statistics show that Facebook sends more traffic than any other platform.
  • Twitter: It is primarily a news platform that encourages sharing blogs and website content.
  • LinkedIn: This is more of a professional social media platform. Sharing serious and informational content is more common in this platform.
  • Instagram: This is more of a visual network. Hence, your Instagram posts should contain lots of engaging images.
  • Pinterest: This is also a visual media platform but more suited to write inspirational content.
  • Google+: You get a higher reach when you use the services of Google+. This platform is famous for its solid communications network.

Final Words

Let us conclude with a humorous quote from Paul Carrick Brunson. “Think once before you act, twice before you speak, and three times before you post on Facebook.” This shows the importance of social media posts. They have a larger reach. Hence it makes sense to think and write the best social media posts to make an impact on the audience.