What Should I Include In My Contents Cover?

Contents cover can practically include every appliances, gadget, equipment that you own, irrespective of whether these are used for household chores like cleaning and cooking, or for entertainment and recreation.

Anything at home that is not covered under the building insurance can be included in the Contents Insurance. Certain attached fixtures like built-in wardrobes, bath tubs and kitchen sinks are included in home insurance. Other than those, rest can be included in Contents insurance. Some of these household and kitchen appliances are washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, electric or microwave ovens, any kitchen equipment etc.

Your electronic and entertainment electronics items, that are your most valuable possession such as your LED TV, computer and laptops, music system can all be listed for content insurance.

You can also include all your furniture, furnishings, carpets or curtains. Garden equipment and accessories can also be included such lawn and garden chairs, pressure pump, lawn mowers etc.

Do not forget to check whether any of these items are covered by a separate policy. Also, it is a good idea to check the item starting from one point in the house and moving from room to room and to other areas of the house to list out the items to be included.