What Can You Do If Your Home Insurance Claim Is Denied?

A home is one of the most precious assets a person can have; and to pay the homeowner’s insurance every year can be a very heavy burden. Yet people go in for home insurance in the assurance that if any calamity strikes their house, the insurance company can pay for the expenses incurred in repairs.

However, often the insurer may play truant and deny paying the claim. What can you do under such circumstances? Here are few ways to face such a situation.

  1. Find out why the Claim was denied: The first step for you is to know the exact reason why the claim was denied. Aster knowing the reason, think how you can substantiate your claim by additional documentations and certifications.
  2. Get to know your home insurance policy: In the event of denial of your claim, take out your policy and review it. Note these points:

Check if your policy was denied due to a technical error.

Check if the claim was rejected due to a mistake in restricting your coverage to an amount lower than what was the maximum payable.

In case of a mistake on their part, you can appeal against their decision.

Go for an independent appraisal in case of a disagreement over the value of the claim.


  1. Go for an Appeal: If your claim was denied without valid reasons, you can try to file an appeal with your insurers.

– In case the claim was denied due to negligence; collect all evidence to show that you are a responsible homeowner and are not liable for any negligence on your part.

– Take photographic and documentary evidence of the damages.

– Document the correspondence with your insurers or their agents.

– Collect proof of purchase of home protection and safety equipments.

– Get witnesses who may testify the facts on your behalf.

Make an elaborate case with document that substantiates your claim. You can also hire a lawyer. Your investment in your home is one of biggest and vital of your life. Do your best to redeem the reimbursement due to you.