Triboloy Lecture Notes by MIT

Google Chrome – the most popular browser in the world, developed by Google and based on chromium – an open source project. Its design, speed, smooth browsing and regular addition of new features in every update make it loved by all. Beside all these features, it has largest add-on store known as chrome web store, from where you can add amazing extensions to your browser that make your browsing experience fantastic. Now lets move to some points to clear the doubts if you are a beginner to chrome or unknown to the plethora of exciting features being offered by the chrome.
What are extensions (add-ons) ?
Extensions are small programs, which add extra functions to your browser.  These extensions give you freedom to do more with your browser and almost all of them are free of cost. There are thousand of extensions available on chrome to choose from and some are really worth to try ; they generally don’t affect your PC speed.
Today we will look into are best chrome extensions carefully picked for the students and professionals, which are completely free, very safe and going to save a lot of time of yours.
Grammarly for Chrome
An online  grammar checking tools which automatically underlines the grammatical mistakes and gives option to correct them while typing anything in English online; from chatting to emailing, it works great and helps to present a good impression of you online anywhere.
FB Down Video Downloader
Evernote Web Clipper
Save to Pocket
Turn off the Lights
The Great Suspender
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