Things to Do After Migration From HTTP to HTTPS

Installed a SSL certificate on your website? There is a very high probability that website is showing errors.

After migration from HTTP to HTTPS, you need to make some changes in your website in order to have a proper integration of SSL and the website.

If you have a brand new website without any pages and plugins, this is the best time to install SSL certificates to avoid any error. Because most of the below problems occur in websites with pages and plugins present already.

Here we will look into all those errors and their solution. No need to worry at all, it will take maximum 30 minutes to resolve all of them.

Some of the most common errors after migration from HTTP TO HTTPS are:

There may be https bar in brown color instead of green; it means there is some problem in your website. Other errors that may be there, such as mix content error, duplicate contents, and broken link etc.

All you need to do is to :

STEP 1. Check if any widget or plugin working properly or not. Plugin detection is easy because the working of plugins is visible; there is no need to explain. You may have to delete those plugins.

STEP 2. Check for broken links – It is necessary to remove all broken links to avoid any discomfort to visitors. Check for the links not working.

For WordPress websites, I recommend Broken Link Checker plugin, which is very popular and free to use. Install it and follow the instructions there to get rid of all broken links.

Get “Broken link Checker “plugin here.

STEP 3. Open your website home page and inspect elements (by using F12 or right click inspect elements) to check for any “mix content error”, this error means your website may have some pages or plugins have some insecure resources and use HTTP instead of HTTPS.

To remove this type of error, you will have to do 301 redirects in your website using plugins or coding. 301 redirects all HTTP URL versions to their HTTPS versions without any SEO loss. You will have to google for this step because coding is different for NGINX and Apache servers and I am not good at coding,

For WordPress websites, I recommend “Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection” or “Really Simple SSL” plugin, a very light weight and free plugin which does not affect website speed and works really great

Although, there are many plugins available for WordPress to remove mix content error that may confuse you which one to use. I have tried and found these two plugins best. In most of the cases, these plugin removes every error; a WordPress website shows after getting SSL. So, try this step first.

Download Really Simple SSL plugin.


Download Easy HTTPS Redirection plugin.

» Step 3 also removes the duplicate content issue. Let me tell you, what happens after installing SSL, your website may appear in two versions in Google search results i.e. http and https version. 301 redirection eliminates this problem too.

Step 4: After all the above steps, it’s turn for  robots.txt file, check whether robots.txt includes HTTP URLs. If it has, change them to https.

» If you use hosting with cPanel, you can find robots.txt in File Manager > Web Root (Public HTML) > Robots.txt . Just edit and save the file.

STEP 5. Last and the most important step from SEO point of view. Ensure that your HTTPS site version is added in Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. If you use other search engine consoles, change your site version there to HTTPS too.

Important Note: It is a myth that your website SEO might get affected after migration from HTTP to HTTPS. If you migrate your website, Google treats this as a site move with a URL change. The real fact is that according to latest Google search engine algorithm update, Google gives more priority to secure websites. What Google says. you can read yourself here.

After applying all these steps, I am sure that your website will have a green HTTPS bar without any error. Even after trying all these, you are getting any error; let me know in the comment section below.