Strength of Materials: A Unified Theory for the 21st Century by Surya Patnaik and Dale Hopkins

Title: Strength of materials by Surya Patnaik and Dale Hopkins
File Type: PDF
Publisher: Elsevier


About “Surya Patnaik and Dale Hopkins Strength of Materials”:

Strength of materials by Surya Patnaik and Dale Hopkins combines existing theories with new compatibility concepts to get the new unified theory of strength of materials. You will find this book different from other textbooks, in other words it does not duplicates any existing book. For determinate structures the calculation of displacement becomes straightforward. A new direction is given for the analysis of intermediate structures. Treatment of initial deformation by the IFM is straightforward because it is natural parameter of the compatibility condition: as load is to equilibrium, so initial deformation is to be compatibility.  The student must learn the stiffness method and should be able to solve simple problems using the redundant force method. Strength of materials by Surya Patnaik and Dale Hopkins provides all the three methods and traditional techniques. This textbook covers standard topics on strength of materials with lots of exemplary problems. Check below all the topics covered in the textbook.

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Topics Covered inside the Book:

Determinate Truss

Simple Beam

Determinate shaft

Indeterminate Truss

Indeterminate Beam

Indeterminate Shaft

Indeterminate Frame

2D Structures

Column Buckling

Energy Theorems

Finite Element Method

Special Topics


Matrix Algebra

Properties of Plane Area

System of Units

Sign Conventions

Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials

Formulas of Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials Computer Code


***Given above is only the name of chapters that are sub divided into topics.  You will have to go through eBook to get all the topics.

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