State Farm Homeowners Insurance [Review]

State Farm was founded in 1922 at Illinois, and is one of the largest insurance companies in th U.S. It provides several kind of insurance such as life, auto, accident, homeowners, condo owners, renters, etc. State Farm homeowners insurance policy covers losses caused by fire or lightening, theft, windstorm or hail damage, which are the usual perils. The policy doesn’t cover intentional bodily injury or property damage etc. State Farm also provides a specialized Premier Service Program, which provides many benefits to the policyholders. It also provides additional protection such as from earthquake.

There are different types of homeowners policies available, some of which provide more coverage than others. There is the basic, broad form and an all-risk policy. The last type covers any loss that is not specifically excluded from the homeowners policy.

It is easy to purchase a State Farm homeowners insurance policy, which can be done through its website or through a local agent. Thereafter, you can access the policy and other information online through its website.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts – State Farms offers several homeowner’s insurance discounts and coverage options.  State Farm provides discounts for installation of safety devices in the house. These can be Fire alarm and sprinkler system, better roofing material, bundlihng different kind of insurance policies, etc. In subsequent years, it also offers discounts, if there has been no claim. The liability coverage is excellent and if you think you need higher coverage, you can enhance it by paying a few extra dollars.

Personal Property coverage – In case of personal property or belongings, State Farm provides the highest limits on reimbursement of lost ,damaged or stolen property. You can check the amount covered and the actual value of your personal property. In case you think, you need more coverage, you can get additional endorsement.

State Farm website and Online services – The website has several useful tools to help you with your home insurance. You can create detailed list of your home and personal items. HomeIndex  is the free online tool it offers, with which you can even put the photographs of your belongings such as jewelry and electronic valuables.

Loss-of-use coverage – In case your house gets completely damaged or during the rebuilding process you will have to stay away from home. State Farm covers these expenses which include hotel stay, restaurant food and laundromat services. State Farms extends this to up to one year, unlike the other companies which have certain limits.

Additional Coverage – In case you find your policy insufficient for your requirements, you can also purchase additional coverage for personal insurance, flood insurance etc. For renters, it also provides renters insurance policy. You can also buy insurance for other types of housing, such as a farm and ranch insurance policy or a manufactured home insurance policy.

All the above homeowners Insurance providers have been providing the service for decades. You should explore a few of them and ask for quotes. Your house may be given different quotes and terms and conditions including discounts by the insurance companies. It is always better to shop for your home insurance. After comparing the coverage and benefits, you can make a wise and informed decision that suits your requirements best.