Schaums Strength Of Materials: 600+ Solved Problems


Title: Schaums Strength of materials: 600+ Solved Problems

Author: William Nash, Merle Potter

Book Description:

This fifth edition of Schaum’s Strength of Materials book has been substantially modified by the second author to better fit the outline of the introductory Strength of Materials (Solid Mechanics) course, and to better fit the presentation of material in most introductory textbooks on the subject. In addition, the following changes have been made:

1. Problem solutions and Supplementary Problems are presented using the metric SI units only.
2. The computer programs have been omitted. The use of MATLAB or other programs are available to students if more complicated problems are of interest.
3. The more advanced materials and problems that are not found in an introductory course have been
omitted for simplicity of presentation. This book is intended to be used in an introductory course only.
4. A short chapter on Fatigue, a subject included on the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination, has been added. It is a modified chapter, based on a section on Fatigue written by my friend and previous colleague, Charlie Muvdi, from “Engineering Mechanics of Materials,” by B. B. Muvdi and J. W. McNabb.
5. A section on Combined Loading has been added.
6. The chapter on Centroids and Moments of Inertia has been omitted; it is assumed to have been part of a Statics course that precedes Solid Mechanics.