SAP Hosting Partner : Advantages and How to Choose the Right

After SAP allowed the entry of partners to provide managed hosting services, there has been a concern faced by the client organizations in choosing the right one among the growing clan of SAP Hosting Partner.

The subscription-based hosting option allows the organization to access the SAP Business solution that is hosted and managed by a select SAP partner.

Because the organizations pay only a fixed monthly subscription fee, the organization gains with the advantage of minimized up-front costs and ongoing or future in-house IT requirements that may have already been planned or are being executed.

The differentiation in services are at times minimal, as the features offered had to be competitive; or tailored to suit specific industry. Flexibility, scalability, pay-as-you-go, zero capital investment etc. are some of the several spectacular benefits offered by a SAP Hosting Partner.

A typical SAP Hosting Services addresses everything needed to support SAP solutions, which includes a mix of the following:

  • Selected and future-proof hardware and software for Server and storage
  • Automated 24×7×365 support and proactive monitoring of all hardware and software components.
  • OS, SAP Basis and database administration
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Disaster case coverage and data-recovery
  • Reliable backup and archiving strategies
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Modern and secure datacenter infrastructure
  • Additional and optional complementary services (e.g., EDI, customs connection, e-mail and fax connection, web services)

A well-planned hosting relationship results in a lowered TCO and a high ROI. However what is crucial is choosing the right provider, to avoid high running costs, longer installation times and a lack of security and control.

A SAP Hosting Partner tends to differentiate its offerings in terms of the following :

  • Client list which are industry-specific to demonstrate their understanding and expertise with a particular industry segment. Such expertise indeed helps the client in understanding their requirements better and helps benchmarking their own offerings.
  • Hardware partners, which in a way signifies the demonstrated competencies to take care of present demand for services and potential for future upgrades and the capabilities to make it functional on demand.
  • Expertise and numbers of certified human resources with the requisite expertise to handle contingencies and minimize downtime. This also translates into advantages over monitoring of performance and security issues.
  • System architecture which signifies on-demand scalability depending on the contingencies of business requirements and initiatives.

At the end of the day, what matters is the complete value proposition that is placed before the client, and to demonstrate the ability to back up the big picture.