Roark’s Formula For Stress and Strain: Young & Richard


Title: Roark’s Formula For Stress and Strain

Authors: Young and Richard

Book Description:

This book was written for the purpose of making available a compact, adequate summary of the formulas, facts, and principles pertaining to strength of materials. It is intended primarily as a reference book and represents an attempt to meet what is believed to be a present need of the designing engineer.

This need results from the necessity for more accurate methods of stress analysis imposed by the trend of engineering practice. That trend is toward greater speed and complexity of machinery, greater size and diversity of structures, and greater economy and refinement of design. 

In consequence of such developments, familiar problems, for which approximate solutions were formerly considered adequate, are now frequently found to require more precise treatment, and many less familiar problems, once of academic interest only, have become of great practical importance.

The solutions and data desired are often to be found only in advanced treatises or scattered through an extensive literature, and the results are not always presented in such form as to be suited to the requirements of the engineer. To bring together as much of this material as is likely to prove generally useful and to present it in convenient form has been the author’s aim.

The scope and management of the book are indicated by the contents. In Part 1 are defined all terms whose exact meaning might otherwise not be clear. In Part 2 certain useful general principles are stated; analytical and experimental methods of stress analysis are briefly described, and information concerning the behavior of material under stress is given. In 

Part 3 the behavior of structural elements under various conditions of loading is discussed, and extensive tables of formulas for the calculation of stress, strain, and strength are given.