Nationwide Homeowners Insurance [Review]

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company started as a small auto insurance company in Ohio, USA; has in 85 years grown unto a top Fortune 500 companies in the world. It has become a leading insurance company in the world known for its financials, growth rate and customer satisfaction.

Nationwide is more popular for its automobile insurance, but it also offers several types of homeowners insurance and one can bundle both as well as life insurance, to get some more attractive benefits like up to 25% discounts in premium. Nationwide home insurance is available only to its clients who have bank or mortgage accounts with them.

Nationwide premiums are comparable to others and in addition if you bundle your other insurance requirements with nationwide, you may save up to 25% by way of discounts. Nationwide has its presence in 44 states of US and a nationwide network of local agents who offer hassle-free personalized services. This personal touch is very helpful in case of settling claims after a disaster.

Wide range of Policies: Nationwide insurance offers policies that cover everything from complete home’s structure, to other standing structures on the premises such as fences, garage, gazebo, shed etc. It also covers the personal belongings like clothes, curtains, furniture and other items; and in case of damage or loss Nationwide will reimburse the full replacement cost and not the reduced depreciated cost.

Discounts for safety devices installed: Besides discounts for bundling the insurance policies, Nationwide also offers discounts in case the home owner installs safety devices and invests in safety features. Installing fire alarms, burglar alarms, and similar devices will make you eligible for some discounts that will help you in covering the cost of these equipments besides keeping your house safe. This benefit is also extended to gated communities which are secured by private security and guards.

Discounts for maintaining the house: Nationwide also rewards homeowners who keep their houses well-maintained, by offering them discounts on premiums. This also includes repairing the roof, which prevents the roofs of many old houses from collapsing. Under such circumstances, it is easier to keep the home safe and the insurance claim-free for years. For this reason, Nationwide also rewards No-claim policies with additional discounts.

Full Replacement of Belongings: In case the belongings are damaged, destroyed or stolen, you get reimbursed for the full value of the new items rather than the depreciated value.

Roof Replacement: In case the roof gets damaged and needs to be replace, you will get reimbursement for rebuilding it with strong, safer and environment-friendly materials,. It also covers the rebuilding of your house to the current building code as required by law.

Convenient online presence:- The company website is again full of conveniences for the customer. A client after logging in, pay bills, manage policies, can track their monthly bills, file and manage their claims, view documents,  and do several tasks paperless.

Friendly Mobile App: It is another useful offering by Nationwide and eliminates the use of calling or meeting the agent. The customers can view all the information related to their policies, their ID card, manage their accounts, pay bills and create auto-pay, view their claim status, and do many tasks easily and conveniently.