Merriman’s Strength Of Materials

Title: Strength of Materials

Author: Edward k Hankin

Book Description:

In the following pages the attempt is made to give a presentation of the subject of the strength of materials, beams, columns, and shafts, which may be understood by those not acquainted with the calculus. The degree of mathematical preparation required is merely that now given in high schools, and includes only arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and such a course in mechanics as is found in elementary works on physics.

In particular the author has had in mind the students in the higher classes of manual training schools, and it has been his aim to present the subject in such an elementary manner that it may be readily comprehended by them and at the same time cover all the essential principles and methods.

As the title implies the book deals mainly with questions of strength, the subject of elastic deformations occupying a subordinate place. As the deductions of the deflections of beams are best made by the calculus they are not here attempted, but the results are stated so that the student may learn their uses ; later, if he continues the study of engineering, his appreciation of the proofs that he will then read will be accompanied with true scientific interest.