Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices – Sourcebook

Title: Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices

Author – Neil Sclater

Book Description:

This “Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices” is the fifth edition of a one-of-a-kind engineering reference book covering the past, present, and future of mechanisms and mechanical devices.

It includes clear illustrations and straightforward descriptions of specific subjects rather than the theory and mathematics found in most engineering textbooks.

You will find that this book contains hundreds of detailed line drawings that will hold your interest regardless of your back- ground in mechanical engineering.

The text accompanying the illustrations is intended to help you to understand the basic concepts of subjects that may or may not be familiar to you.

This book illustrates the ongoing importance of classical mechanical devices as well as the latest mechatronic devices formed by the merger between mechanics and electronics. It is a must addition to your personal technical library.

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  • Basics of Mechanism
  • Motion Control System
  • Stationary and Mobile Robots
  • Mechanism of Renewable Power Generation
  • Linkages: Drivers and Mechanism
  • Cam, Geneva and Ratched Drives
  • Clutches and Brakes
  • Chain and Belt Devices
  • Shaft, Coupling, and Connections
  • Motion- Specific Devices
  • Latching, Fastening and Screwing
  • Spring and Screw Devices
  • Shaft Coupling and Components