Mechanics Of Materials by James M Gere


Title: Mechanics of Materials

Author: James M Gere

Book Description:

The main topics covered in this book are the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, and bending, including the fundamental concepts mentioned in the first paragraph. Other topics of general interest are the transformations of stress and strain, combined loadings, stress concentrations, deflections of beams, and stability of columns.

Specialized topics include the following: Thermal effects, dynamic loading, nonprismatic members, beams of two materials, shear centers, pressure vessels, discontinuity (singularity) functions, and statically indeterminate beams. For completeness and occasional reference, elementary topics such as shear forces, bending moments, centroids, and moments of inertia also are presented.

Much more material than can be taught in a single course is included in this book, and therefore instructors have the opportunity to select the topics they wish to cover. As a guide, some of the more specialized topics are identified in the table of contents by stars.