Mechanics Of Materials by Gere and Goodno


Title: Mechanics of Materials

Author: Gere and Goodno

Book Description:

The main topics covered in this book are the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, and bending, including the fundamental concepts mentioned above.

Other important topics are the transformations of stress and strain, combined loadings and combined stress, deflections of beams, and stability of columns.Unfortunately, it is no longer possible in most programs to cover a number of specialized subtopics which were removed to produce this “brief” edition.

This streamlined text is based on the review comments of many instructors who asked for a text specifically tailored to the needs of their semester
length course, with advanced material removed.

The resulting brief text, based upon and derived from the full 7th edition of this text book, covers the essential topics in the full text with the same level of detail and rigor.