Mechanical Engineering Handbooks PDF

In search of best mechanical engineering handbooks? You are at right place, your search is going to end here.

Handbooks are important for quick revision before any exam or interview. These handbooks contain all the subjects and all the topics in short. You will every important formula you used or going to use during your entire mechanical engineering degree. Here is the list of mechanical engineering handbooks with PDF link.

Mechanical Engineering Handbooks

1. Mechanical Engineer’s handbook by Dan B. Marghitu –

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2. The mechanical engineer’s pocket book by William Kent (Oldest handbook for mechanical engineers but really worth to read) –

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3. Roger Timing’s Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book ( Covers almost all the topics) –

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4. Mechanical Engineer’s Data Handbook by James Carvill –

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5. Ricahrd Gentle Mechanical Engineering Systems –


6. Problem and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering –

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7. Objective Mechanical Engineering (Upkar’s) –

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8. Mechanical Engineering Handbook by Frank Kreith

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9. Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers

Author : Eugene A. Avallone

Theodore Beumeister

Ali M. Sadegh

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10. Kent’s Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook

Author: J Kenneth Salisbury

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Get Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook by Myer Kutz here.

So, that was the list of best mechanical engineering handbooks. We will keep adding more if find something great. If you have any book or resources in your knowledge, please share with us in the comment section below.