How to Optimize Google Chrome for Blazing Fast Speed?

Everyone likes to have a fast browsing experience while on the internet, isn’t it? And for that, browsers also play an important role; your browsing speed may affect your productivity too.

Now, what to do? If you are Google Chrome user, you are going to thank me later.

Below are the 8 simple tweaks to modify your Google Chrome and achieve fastest browsing speed possible, follow them one by one to make chrome faster.

Enter Google Chrome Secret Window 

Chrome browser has a secret setting, which is accessible to those who know about it. This setting is called flags and it has experimental features and they are being tested by the developers. Some features on flags page may change or disappear anytime as they are unstable and in testing mode. You may take advantage of these features as long as they are available to boost up your browsing experience.

To access this setting, enter chrome://flags in the address bar and hit the enter key.

You are on the secret page now, here you will some warning, just ignore them. If anytime you notice any error after changing this setting, you have “restore all to default” button there.

As the list of features is long here, Use “Ctrl+F” to find things in the next steps.

1. Search for “Number of raster threads ” , change it to 4. Increasing the number will let the browser load the images amazingly fast.

make_chrome_faster2. Now, search for “Experimental canvas features“, click Enable. This feature decrease loading time of web pages.


3. Enable Fast Tab Window close

Search for “Fast tab” , enabling this feature will change the speed of closing of tabs. It  runs a tab’s on unload JavaScript handler independently of the GUI.


4. Search for “Touch Events API” and enable it. Enabling this feature improve your Chrome experience on touch devices.


Completed all the 4 steps above, now re-launch the browser using “Relaunch Now” button. This step is necessary for changes to take place.

Now come to less technical and simple steps.

5. Check for unnecessary extensions/add-ons. Enter chrome://extensions in the search bar, list of extensions page will appear. Delete unnecessary extension


6. Enter chrome://settings/privacy in the search bar and enable “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” . If already enabled, that’s great.


7. Clear history, cookies and cached files. Press CTRL+H to enter this page. Select “clear the items form the beginning of time” and click “clear browsing data“.


8. Update to Latest Version of Google Chrome. There is a shortcut to check whether the Chrome on your device is updated or not, just enter chrome://chrome/ in the URL bar to check and update.


Done. Restart your browser and you will see considerable change in speed of the Google Chrome.

Share your experiences below and comment which feature you liked the most.