Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Review

Liberty Mutual is one of the top ten insurance providers in the USA. It offers home and auto insurance a well as several other types of personal and commercial insurance policies.

Liberty Mutual has homeowners insurance policies with industry standard features, and also additional coverage options for valuables in case of loss or damage.

Liberty Mutual also offers Inflation protection during renewals along with a discount.

It also has certain insurance products like Home Protector Plus which has several added features.

For example, in case of personal property replacement it does not give just the depreciated value of the insured item but full replacement cost.

Also, in case of damage to the house it provides expanded coverage to pay for unforeseen costs while rebuilding.

Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance offers several discounts and has an easy application process, but it is a bit costlier. It offers a very comprehensive online quote process which covers all relevant queries such as about roofing.

There are more than ten types of discounts like no-claim, discounts for security systems, group discounts etc. It also offers coverage for additional expenses while living elsewhere during home repairs.

Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance is good value for money for all these reasons, even though in purely monetary terms, it may not come to as the cheapest.

What is more important while insuring your life’s biggest asset like home, is not saving a few hundred dollars; but the benefits you reap, the convenience and the peace of mind it offers.