What kind of protection do I need against liability claims?

When you buy your homeowners insurance policy, you also get coverage against liability claims. It covers you against damage to someone else’s property or someone else’s injuries. This liability coverage is a component of homeowners insurance policy. This liability insurance covers you against claims when for example; someone slips and falls from the staircase, or is bitten by your dog.

However, these days the number of claims and compensation are on the rise. The small amount of liability coverage that is offered in the homeowners insurance may be insufficient to cover high-value claims.

To avoid such pitfalls and to bridge the gap between claims and coverage, you need to get additional liability coverage. This is offered by Personal Liability Umbrella coverage.  Personal Liability Umbrella coverage covers:

  • Bodily injury,
  • Personal injury,
  • Property damage and
  • Landlord liability

It supplements the limits of your present policies and provides additional coverage. This additional coverage is of $1 million and in similar increments up to $5 million dollars.