John Bird Engineering Mathematics


Title: Higher Engineering Mathematics

Author: John Bird

Book Description:

This seventh edition of Higher Engineering Mathematics covers essential mathematical material suitable for students studying Degrees, Foundation Degrees, and Higher National Certificate and Diploma courses in Engineering disciplines.

The text has been conveniently divided into the following 12 convenient categories: number and algebra, geometry and trigonometry, graphs, complex numbers, matrices and determinants, vector geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations, statistics and probability, Laplace transforms and Fourier series.

Increasingly, difficulty in understanding algebra is proving a problem for many students as they commence studying engineering courses. Inevitably there are a lot of formulae and calculations involved with engineering studies that require a sound grasp of algebra.

On the website, available to all, is a document which offers a quick revision of the main areas of algebra essential for further study, i.e. basic algebra, simple equations, transposition of formulae, simultaneous equations and quadratic equations.

The primary aim of the material in this text is to provide the fundamental analytical and under pin in knowledge and techniques needed to successfully complete scientific and engineering principles modules of Degree, Foundation Degree and Higher National Engineering programmes.

The material has been designed to enable students to use techniques learned for the analysis, modelling and solution of realistic engineering problems at Degree and Higher National level.

It also aims to provide some of the more advanced knowledge required for those wishing to pursue careers in mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, communications engineering, systems engineering and all variants of control engineering.