J P Holman Heat Transfer

Title: Jack P Holman Heat Transfer Book


About The Book:

Jack P Holman Heat Transfer book by is extremely popular book among students as well as teachers. This book is a complete package for the students preparing for competitive examinations because of well illustrated and well-organised concepts and with many exemplary problems.

It covers conduction, convection, and radiation in a detailed way so that you will not feel to switch to any other books at any point in time. There is also little thermal engineering concepts covered in this book as a bonus, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and I promise that you will not regret.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Concept of thermal conductivity
  2. Reason of having thermal conductance in metals, non-metals, and fluid
  3. Variation of thermal conductivity with temperature
  4. Conduction heat transfer
  5. Concept of Fourier law
  6. Applications of Fourier law in real problem
  7. Steady state one-dimensional heat conduction
  8. Physical applications of real problem and their solutions
  9. Unsteady state multiple-dimension heat transfer
  10.  Applications of Biot law
  11. Concept of internal and external resistance
  12. Gauss seidel approximation unsteady state problem
  13. Isothermal surface
  14. Principles of convection
  15. Fluid concept in heat problem
  16. Heat transfer along a flat surface
  17. Constant heat flux and boundary layer problem
  18. High heat transfers problem
  19. Empirical relations for natural and forced conception
  20. Radiation
  21. Properties of heating surface such as absorptivity, black surfaces, gray surfaces
  22. Radiosity, algebra of radiation heat transfer emissive power
  23. View factors and Stephen Boltzmann law, shape factors
  24. Condensation and boiling
  25. Vertical or natural condensation
  26. Tube bank condensation
  27. Concept of fouling factors
  28. Heat exchanger
  29. Concept of overall heat transfer coefficient
  30. Types of heat exchanger
  31. Ltd method and nut method of efficiency calculations
  32. Comparison of heat exchanger, performance
  33. Mass transfer
  34. Concept of diffusion  single channel diffusion
  35. Design analysis of heat transfer and excel solution of the problem.

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