Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines by S.K. Som, Gautam Biswas


Title: Introduction To Fluid Mechanics ans Fluid Machines

Author: S K Som & G Biswas

File Format: PDF

License: Standard Copyright

Why this Book?

Fluid mechanics, being one of the key subjects of mechanical engineering need more attention than any other subject. The reason behind the above statement is the concepts are pretty easy to understand but the numerical part is little tough.

If you are new to fluid mechanics, then you might get frustrated that what to do with the subject. In such cases, only interesting book of fluid mechanics can ease you little bit.

Introduction to fluid mechanics and fluid machines by Som and Biswas is one of the most sought books for fluid mechanics due to its easiness to read it.

The book teaches you fundamentals of fluid mechanics and also intermediate level fluid mechanics, enough for an undergraduate level.