How to Integrate Google Forms into Websites? It’s Easy


If you are searching for tutorial on how to integrate Google forms to websites, then I guess, you don’t need any introduction to Google Forms. You can skip the below introduction inside the box but If you are new to this amazing Google service, then must have a look.

Google Forms is one of most popular online form creation tools and  it is a part of Google’s online app suite of tools. Using this service, you can create customized forms, quizzes and 20+ forms for free of cost. All you need is a gmail account and you are ready to start.

With many customization options and easy to collect and extract responses makes 

Now, lets come to step by step tutorial on how to integrate Google Forms into websites. 

Step 1. Open on any browser. (Use PC/Laptops for better customization)

Step 2. Create new form using the big +” icon. . You can also use ready-made templates by clicking the “Template Gallery” option at the right.

Step 3. Using color palette and setting option, change the form look and setting according to your need. You can also add your customized image or company logo at the top space as per given instructions there.

Step 4. After creating your desired form, click on “SEND” button.

Step 5. Here you will find three options

1. send via email

2. Link

3. Embed HTML.

Select 3rd option i.e. embed HTML.

Step 6. Now, If you want to change the width and the height of the generated form, you will see an option there. Enter the form width and height in pixels (px).

Step 7. Copy the HTML code using the green “Copy” button.

Step 8. Finally, paste the code on your website post/page, where you want the form to appear. Make sure you paste the HTML codes in the “Text” tab of your page/post if you’re using WordPress default page editor.

Note – If you want to insert Google Forms using a page builder, use HTML code block instead of simple text block.

You have done it, now whenever there will be any desired activity on the embedded Google Form, you will get notification on your Gmail instantly.

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If you have any idea about How to embed Google Forms without iFrame, please let us know in the comment section below.