How To Attract Clients Even If Nobody Has Ever Heard Of You

Attracting clients and getting your business started is a default process for all the service providers. The need to gain clients is common to all, in this blog we will be discussing on how freelancers can attract clients even if nobody has ever heard of them.

Before we get started, first let’s understand what is freelancing or to be specific who is a freelancer?

A freelancer, or independent contractor, is a self-employed individual who doesn’t have to commit to a single, long-term employer. Nowadays, Freelancing is often referred to as a consultant. As a newbie freelancer, you may have fear and anxieties – fear of getting rejected or not being able to deliver as per client expectations. The best gigs for freelancers are available as Social Media, Web Developing, Accounting, Marketing, Teaching/ Tutoring, Graphic Design and Administrative Assistant.

There are some proven tactics to attract the customers as mentioned below.

11 Ways To Attract Customers Even If You Are An Unheard Name

1. By Creating Diverse Contents

Content is comprised of the knowledge, concepts, and skills that persons need to learn. There is also, recently conducted an interview with the marketing manager for Park Place Technologies and  a cloud services vendor ‘Ken Barhoover.’ He discussed, how marketers must reach each persona they sell to when planning a content strategy. in Interview, said, “Creating content for each persona you’re likely to target or hear from is critical,”

how to attract clients

Diversity in the content has now become a competitive necessity. Just as multiple people are involved in the decision to work with your business on the B2B side or you target a number of demographics on the B2C side, you need a strategy that includes content that gets a response from each member of your target audience.

2. Give Discount to Your Client

One of the most common struggles in freelancing is making sure that you get paid enough for your time and effort for every project.  You may be wondering why you would ever want to offer discount pricing, and you may be right. Discount is also necessary for the newbies. Because you are fairly new in your industry, and many are not willing to try your services simply because of your lack of experience. Once you give a rate to your clients, it’s very hard to increase it. Most of the time they will feel cheated because they will be asked to pay more for the same services they’ve been using so giving much discount will provide you the best result as getting more projects from the client.

3. Have a clear, up-to-date portfolio

Make your portfolio what is standing out from others. Be professional and include just what is required. Your portfolio should not be about you but about your services that can help the readers. Make it brief yet something that speaks volume about your skills and achievements. If you’re a web designer or developer then code up your site from scratch.  If you’re an illustrator, draw fancy icons for your site.

how to attract clients

If you’re a graphic designer, brand your website in your signature style and if you’re a content marketer, write killer copy for your portfolio. Portfolios are critical marketing tools for every freelancer. You could be a highly skilled freelancer but nobody will know or reward you for that unless you put in the effort to build a powerful online presence with sterling works that speak for you and set you apart from the competition.

4. The Power of Writing

Writing also plays an important role to enchant the customers. The literary market always has a demand for descriptive articles and short stories. A writer’s success depends largely upon his power of description. It pays to have the skills to describe well, to paint vividly and accurately in words, any scene from memory or imagination.

how to attract clients

The quality of your work is very important. However, if you spend several days on relatively small copy orders and blog posts, you could lose out on returning clients or even the gig in question. Brilliant writing is an art form. Only few writers pen down something which may be called brilliant, and they make it look easy.

5. Start for Free or Almost Free

If you are a newbie in freelance then it becomes important to make your price less which provides you chances to get more jobs as a Freelancer. It is also experienced by the writers those who are working as a freelancer.

6. Create a Useful Product

Before you even consider creating a product then it becomes mandatory to decide whether you can afford to do so. You need to sit down with your calendar and look at what you have scheduled in terms of client work, as well as what you can expect to come in soon from the marketing and promotion you do on that side of your business.

A product needs just as much marketing as the rest of your business. It’s an ongoing process, too: A lot of people talk about the wonders of passive income projects, where you create a product and it keeps selling. But there are almost no products that will sell with absolutely no marketing.

7. Find a Freelancing Partner

If you know any project managers, web developers or graphic designers then their projects often require top-notch writing skills which also opens up opportunities to work together. If your web development buddy knows you’re willing to team up for a website redesign project, she can recommend you to the client. By sticking together, you can find ways to help one another build your businesses and get paid. you can check out a content marketplace to team up or communicate with other like minded professionals.

8. Keep your LinkedIn Profile up-to-date

You might be great at keeping your resume up-to-date. But keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is a whole different story most of us just slap on another position without taking time to update the others which also increases the chances to meet with clients.

9. Position yourself as an expert

Successful freelancers are those who do the right marketing of his skill set and position as a freelancer effectively. The plan of working independently, having your individual work schedule and doing what you enjoy most is something that lures every aspiring freelancer.

how to attract clients

You can start your Freelancing career along with your full-time / Day job making yourself work few extra hours, maybe, late nights. Many times situation occurs that you need to take the final decision. Quitting your full-time job to become a freelancer looks like an exciting idea to many Freelancers at the beginning, but it is equally terrifying. It is also a fact that success comes to those who do not let those fears hold them back

10. Registering Yourself On A Content Marketplace


If you have no idea about how to start your freelancing career to set a base for your success, then simply trust the experts – Content Marketplace that has ready-made order for you to bid on and start your earning right away. Contentmart, the leading online content marketplace is one such platform that allows every new freelance writer to gain experience and lead their way to freelancing success.

11. Work on Soft Skills

Build your soft skills to stand out from the large group of freelancers who are horrible at communication. There are following few soft skills such as –

1. Communication

Excellent Communication is one of the most important skill to develop for growing your freelancing business. As a remote freelancer, you should also be in touch with your client, team or manager every day, asking clarifying questions and providing an update on your work as well. Regular communication helps you to build trust between your client and you which also ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. For written and verbal communication, practice being brief yet specific enough, that you provide enough information for the other person to understand what you are trying to say.

2. Discipline

Discipline also plays a significant role in remote freelancing. We can maintain discipline by avoiding multi-tasking. Although watching TV and designing a website simultaneously sounds perfect in theory, it’s normally just stressful. When you’re working, work you’ll be able to enjoy your free time so much more. the secret to self-discipline is being your own boss which means acting like a boss would. If you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t make a habit of doing it at home.

3. Self Confidence

Self Confidence is also an important part to grow you as a freelancer.  If confidence affects ability, it follows that you should actively work on it, not just passively accept your lot. If you care about developing your hands-on skills – writing, design, web development or whatever – you should also develop your confidence in those skills. That’s what makes the difference between a hobby and a viable freelance career.

4. Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills is one of the most important transferable job skills a worker can possess. Without organizational skills, issues like getting paid, scheduling meetings with clients in different time zones and juggling multiple project tasks become more difficult.


Earning clients can be easy even if one is new to the field or an non-established name. Using the above tactics to attract clients can actually be beneficial for not only freelancers but other newbies who are aspiring to make it big in the business field.