Grammarly Review : Write English Better With Grammarly


English, one of the most popular languages in the world has 1.5 billion+ speakers today (source : SGI). Whether you are a native or non-native speaker, correct English is everyone’s need.

How you write, reflects your personality, better style and error free writing boost your confidence and is always appreciated. For native speakers, writing error-free English might be little easy but most of the non-native English speakers suffer most of the time.

And If you are a blogger, freelancer or translator, the level of suffering might be high. I am also a blogger and as a non-native speaker, I really used to made a lot of blunders while writing and when I read those articles today, I laugh at myself. Thanks to Grammarly, I have corrected and updated most of them.

But, what is Grammarly and how it can help you too? In this article, I am going to answer these questions. In addition to this, I will give you detailed insight of Grammarly features, pros and cons. First of all, let’s look into the brief history of Grammarly

Grammarly is an 8 year old startup by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. Initially, started as an automated proofreading tool, they enhanced Grammarly by adding plagiarism detection. In the span of 8 years, the company became highly popular and won several awards. Recently, Grammarly raises $110 million  for improvement and business expansion.

What Makes Grammarly So Special?

Grammarly isn’t the first tool ever created for online grammar and spelling check. There are so many websites offering these services much before the existence of Grammarly, such as. Ginger, Reverso, Scribens and Paperrater.

But what makes Grammarly so popular? Why  is everyone talking about it? Here I am going to enlist all the key features in brief.

» Smart AI : First Artificial Intelligence powered error detection and correction tool. It also tells you the reasoning behind each correction, that’s cool, isn’t it?

» Ease of Use : Simple and clean interface on every platform. Even non-techies find it friendly

» Automatic and Instant Integration : While using on browsers, Grammarly integrates with almost every website, such as Blogger/WordPress editor, Gmail and Facebook.

» One Click Error Removal : It is incredibly fast, enable it and you are good to go.

» Detects and Removes 400+ Types of Errors : Using this tool, you can check for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors and enhances vocabulary usage.

» Presence on Multiple Platforms : There is Grammarly extension for all popular browsers and MS-Word.  You can also use dedicated online editor and you need only one account for all.

How to use Grammarly?

Using Grammarly is simple, you don’t need any mastery or training before. Its simple and easy to use interface is another reason that makes it unique.

If you are using Grammarly’s  Online Text Editor, write there or just copy/paste, it checks itself  instantly.

I am comfortable with the second option and generally use to edit my articles i.e. MS-Word add-on. You can check the screenshot below.

Third and highly useful way to use Grammarly is as a browser extension. After installing extension, you can use all its features on most of the websites such Facebook, Gmail, WordPress and many more. There is always an option to disable it for a particular website.

Is Grammarly free?

It is available in both free and premium version, you can say it a freemium tool.

If you opt for free plan, still you get all methods to check but functions will be limited. (Try for free here)

While premium plans offers a lot of advance options to boost your writing performance. Some of them are :

400+ error detection and correction.

Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Citation suggestions.

Plagiarism detection.

Professional proofreader.

Unlimited access to every tools.

Grammarly Grammar Checker and Plagiarism Detection Tool has three premium plans, monthly, quarterly, annual. Below is the pricing table.

 Premium Plans and Pricing

Want to check all premium features of Grammarly for free? Sign up and invite friends to get Grammarly premium free for 7 days.

After that it will converted to free version.  if you really like it, you have option to upgrade anytime.

Conclusion :

Have you noticed that I missed pros and cons of Grammarly? There are only pros, tried hard to find but didn’t find any considerable cons to enlist here.

In my opinion, Grammarly not only enhance your writing but also your overall English skills. You will observe that after start using it, you automatically started making less mistakes.

No matter, you are a student or a professional, Grammarly is a must have tool for everyone. Try it now

Already a Grammarly user? Great! Please share your experience below with us.