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Google Chrome – the most popular browser in the world, developed by Google and based on chromium – an open source project. Its design, speed, smooth browsing and regular addition of new features in every update make it loved by all. Beside all these features, it has largest add-on store known as chrome web store, from where you can add amazing extensions to your browser that make your browsing experience fantastic. Now lets move to some points to clear the doubts if you are a beginner to chrome or unknown to the plethora of exciting features being offered by the chrome.

What are extensions (add-ons) ?

Extensions are small programs, which add extra functions to your browser.  These extensions give you freedom to do more with your browser and almost all of them are free of cost. There are thousand of extensions available on chrome to choose from and some are really worth to try ; they generally don’t affect your PC speed.

Today we will look into some chrome extensions carefully picked for the students and professionals, which are completely free, very safe and going to save a lot of time of yours.

3.FB Down Video Downloader

As the name says, FB Down is an extension which can be used to download videos from Facebook posts. As there are no options to download videos on Facebook, sometimes some videos feels so good that we want to download them and watch it again and again, isn’t it? Not to worry, this extension in near to perfect and any videos can be downloaded in a single click.

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3. Lightshot

Another great extension for Google chrome which gives you option to take a screenshot of the page you are browsing .This one is must have because many a time we need the image version of a specific web page and there is no option in any browser to save webpage as an image ; this plugin does the job perfectly.

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 4. Evernote Web Clipper 

Evernote Web Clipper is something everyone student and research scholar should have in their chrome. It can be said as highly advance version of “Bookmark” option becuase with this extension you can excess your bookmark on any device. Another great feautures of this beautiful extension are that you can highlight the text, share and email clips and much more. Give it a try , you will love it for sure.

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5. Save to Pocket

Another beautiful plugin which lets you save the page and sync automatically to you phone, tablet and PC.You can right click on menu to save the page, no need to load the page first and you can also see recommendations related to web page while you pocket some article. Another great feature is that there is no internet connection needed for the web page to view on synced device. Give it a shot, install it from the below link.

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 6. Forest: StayFocused, be present

One of its first kind of extension you will be amazed to know how it motivates you and encourages to be more productive. Some of its amazing features are that it reduces your internet addiction by planting a tree, which will grow with your useful websites set by you. And it helps you in time management so that you stay focussed and be present evrytime.

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7. Turn off the Lights

Watching online videos and annoyed by the extra light of the web page? Here is an extension which fade the entire page into dark so that you can enjoying videos like in cinema. The main motive of this plugin is to give you more comfortable watching experience. With just one button on the upper right corner of the browser you can switch on and off the light at any instant. Try it, I am sure that you will find it equally interesting.

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8. Lazarus

Ever experienced that BAD moment when you have finally finished a long form and you see an error after submit?  Form goes empty and leave you badly annoyed. Then this extension is all what you need soon. Lazurus actually saves everything you type and autofill the next time and need not to worry becuase it stores data encrypted. It is the top rated extension and it is useful for everyone who need smooth form filling experience. Lets get it on your chrome now from the below link.

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9. The Great Suspender

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10. Panic Button

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Like the list and installled all of them? Like and spread the words and if you find any deserving extension is missing from the list, then let me know in comment section below.