Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) For SSL Certificate

Trying to install SSL certificate on your website? That’s a good decision, of course.

While migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, you need to have CSR (Certificate Signinng Request) ready. Because every SSL certificate authority asks for certificate signing request to complete the certificate purchase. The CSR is usually generated by the web server software on the server where your site is hosted

If you are unaware of what CSR is. Here, I will tell you in brief.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is encrypted data which contain domain name information, your address and contact information. Here is a screenshot of what a CSR looks like.

Encoded Certificate Signing Request:

Note : This information is intended for users having access to cPanel.

Now, Let’s come to step by step generation of CSR using cPanel.

1. Sign in into your hosting cPanel account.

2. Scroll down to “Security” box. Click on “SSL/TLS” option.

3. New window will open, having options Private Key, CSR and CRT. Click on “Certificate Signing Request”.

4. Here, you will have to fill all the necessary details required. You can leave passphrase and description field blank. Click on “Generate” button.

5. Your Certificate Signing Request is ready now. Just select and copy the codes and paste where CSR is required.

Note : Make sure you copy the encoded data only from “Begin Certificate Request” to “End Certificate Request” only.

With CSR, Private Key is also generated, which is not required by the SSL authority. Do not copy them, Just keep them private