Fundamentals Of Thermodynamics By Borgnakke & Sonntag


Title: Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Author: Borgnakke, Sonntag

Book Description:

In this eighth edition the basic objective of the earlier editions have been retained:
• to present a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of classical thermodynamics while
retaining an engineering perspective, and in doing so
• to lay the groundwork for subsequent studies in such fields as fluid mechanics, heat
transfer, and statistical thermodynamics, and also
• to prepare the student to effectively use thermodynamics in the practice of engineering.

The presentation is deliberately directed to students. New concepts and definitions are presented in the context where they are first relevant in a natural progression. The introduction has been reorganized with a very short introduction followed by the first thermodynamic properties to be defined (Chapter 1), which are those that can be readily measured: pressure, specific volume, and temperature.

In Chapter 2, tables of thermodynamic properties are introduced, but only in regard to these measurable properties. Internal energy and enthalpy are introduced in connection with the energy equation and the first law, entropy with the second law, and the Helmholtz and Gibbs functions in the chapter on thermodynamic relations.

Many real-world realistic examples have been included in the book to assist the student in gaining an understanding of thermodynamics, and the problems at the end of each chapter have been carefully sequenced to correlate with the subject matter, and are grouped and identified as such.

The early chapters in particular contain a large number of examples, illustrations, and problems, and throughout the book, chapter-end summaries are included, followed by a set of concept/study problems that should be of benefit to the students.