Fundamentals Of Heat & Mass Transfer By C P Kothandaraman


Title: Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer

Author: C P Kothandaraman

Book Description:

Professor Obert has observed in his famous treatise on Thermodynamics that concepts are better understood by their repeated applications to real life situations. A firm conviction of this principle has prompted the author to arrange the text material in each chapter in the following order.

In the first section after enunciating the basic concepts and laws mathematical models are developed leading to rate equations for heat transfer and determination of temperature field, simple and direct numerical examples are included to illustrate the basic laws. More stress is on the model development as compared to numerical problems.

A section titled “Solved Problems” comes next. In this section more involved derivations and numerical problems of practical interest are solved. The investigation of the effect of influencing parameters for the complete spectrum of values is attempted here. Problems involving complex situations are shown solved in this section. Two important ideas are stressed in this section.

These are checking of dimensional homogeneity in the case of all equations derived and the validation of numerical answers by cross checking. This concept of validation in professional practice is a must in all design situations.

In the next section objective type questions are given. These are very useful for understanding the basis and resolving misunderstandings.

In the final section a large number of graded exercise problems involving simple to complex situations are included. In the first of the 14 chapters the basic laws for the three modes of heat transfer are introduced and the corresponding rate equations are developed.

The book contains total 14 chapters; A large number of short problems and fill in the blank type and true or false type questions are provided to test the understanding of the basic principles.