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Title: Mechanics of Solids 

Author- S S Bhavikatti

Pages :385

File Size : 3 MB

Detailed Contents :- 



Strength of Materials book by S S Bhavikatti is a reference cum competitive book. It is very popular among students and teachers and is written in such a way that students don’t need to use different books for academics and competitive examinations. Language used is crisp, easy to understand and author tried to clear all your concepts in an efficient manner. Having a lot of good examples makes it interesting for students. 

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 Table of Contents :- 

  1. Introduction 
  1. Fundamentals of statics   
  1. Trusses  
  1. Distributed forces, center of gravity and moment of inertia   
  1. Friction  
  1. Simple machines   
  1. Physical and mechanical properties of structural materials   
  1. Simple stresses and strains   
  1. Beams  
  1. Stresses in beams   
  1. Principal stresses and strains 

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