Fundamentals Of Heat & Mass Transfer: Incropera and Dewitt

Title: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: Frank P. Incropera

From The Book Description:

The four learning objectives of Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer by Incropera and Dewitt are:

1. The student should internalize the meaning of the terminology and physical principles associated with heat transfer.
2. The student should be able to delineate pertinent transport phenomena for any process or system involving heat transfer.
3. The student should be able to use requisite inputs for computing heat transfer rates and/or material temperatures.
4. The student should be able to develop representative models of real processes and systems draw conclusions concerning process/system design or performance from the attendant analysis.

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Approximately 250 new end-of-chapter problems have been developed for this edition. An effort has been made to include new problems that (a) are amenable to short solutions or (b) involve finite-difference solutions.

A significant number of solutions to existing end-of-chapter problems have been modified due to the inclusion of the new convection correlations in this edition.

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