How to Export Email Addresses From WordPress Comments

WordPress, being the most flexible content management system has a great developer community base . These online communities are always ready to help and available with their innovations to make things easy.

If your website receives a lot of comments, means a lot of email addresses too. And the question is, What to do with those email addresses?

A smart content marketeer always converts temporary visitors to permanent and email marketing is one of most effective methods to do this. If you are still unaware of email marketing, you should check this article.

Lets look into how to export email addresses from comments. Assume, you have hundreds of comments and you want to extract emails from those comments. If you start doing one by one, it will take a lot of time and will be frustrating too. Here are two plugins which make it matter of seconds. You can opt for any of them, depending upon your choice. Both are equally great.

1. Commenter Emails

A very light and well coded plugin to export email addresses from comments. With this plugin, there are options to export names and website URLs too. Selected data can be extracted as CSV file, which further can be opened in MS-Excel.

Features : 

» Export from all approved comments only.

» Only unique emails ( Avoid spams ) .

» Show a total count of  all unique comments.

» One click export to CSV file.

How to Export Email Adresses Using this Plugin?

1. Via the admin page, go to Comments -> Commenter Emails

2. Click on the “commenter emails” ,  a window like this will appear.

3. Click the “Download” button to export. Done

Download “Commenter Emails” plugin.

2. Comments Emails

Another plugin with similar name for the same purpose but with some extra options. You have option to export email addresses from comments as CSV or TXT file here. Rest, every features are same as of the above.

How to export using comment emails?

1. Go to admin panel and find comment emails in sidebar.

2. Follow the same procedure as described for the first.

Download “Comment Emails” plugin.

While both plugins are awesome but I will suggest you to go for the first. As later one is not updated since 2 years, that might not be compatible in some cases.