Engineering Thermodynamics By R K Rajput


Title:Engineering Thermodynamics

Author: R K Rajput

Book Description:

Several books are available in the market on the subject of “Engineering Thermodynamics” but either they are too bulky or are miserly written and as such do not cover the syllabii of various Indian Universities effectively.

Hence a book is needed which should assimilate subject matter that should primarily satisfy the requirements of the students from syllabus/examination point of view ; these requirements are completely met by this book.

The book entails the following features :

  • The presentation of the subject matter is very systematic and language of the text is quite lucid and simple to understand.

  • A number of figures have been added in each chapter to make the subject matter self speaking to a great extent.

  • A large number of properly graded examples have been added in various chapters to enable the students to attempt different types of questions in the examination without any difficulty.

  • Highlights, objective type questions, theoretical questions, and unsolved examples have been added at the end of each chapter to make the book a complete unit in all respects.