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Are you studying engineering and curious about the books you will have to go through in your 4 years of engineering ? Or still unable to decide book of which author you should buy or you are in search of the best book for a particular subject? Then you are at right place because here we re to clear all your confusions related to engineering books and we will tell you all pros and cons of each book and author straight to the point so that you feel proud about your decision later. In addition to these, we have listed all the best free resources available for every subject on the related pages of the books.


Getting engineering study materials from the internet is very easy but what to do with piles of books in your electronic devices when you never give a second read to them. For maximum benefit from the books, they should be chosen wisely because intelligent choice always pays better. First of all, make a concrete plan of an exam you have to crack at any cost, choose books for the same, start studying and never look for another book. The reason is pretty clear that more books lead to more confusion and the whole time goes in vain only in book swapping. So, take a look below about the books and choose them wisely baes on Eduinformer book review scale.

What Will You Get On the Detailed Page of Each Book?

  1. Brief Introduction to the Book.
  2. Author Bio and othe literary and academic works.
  3. Detailed Review by Eduinformer based on many factors.
  4. Summary of the Book.
  5. eBook Download link if available.

Select Book by Subject for Detailed Review & eBook Options :

Edu informer reviewed each books thoroughly on the basis of content quality, subject understanding, design of the book and writing style. We also focused on exemplary problems, question level and difficulty level. These reviews will surely help you to choose the right book for you so that you might do well in academics as well as in competitive examinations. We adopted a scale of 1 to 10 for reviewing each factor and we also want your review on the same scale; for this there is a reader review scale too. Participate to ease us and help us to make things better and better for you.

# Don’t have PDF Reader to read eBooks? we have listed some of the best PDF Readers available on the entire web and all are entirely free of cost. Click on the name to download hassle-free.

  1. Foxit PDF
  2. Adobe PDF
  3. PDF-XChange Editor 
  4. Sumatra PDF
  5. NitroPDF
Dear Readers, we do not encourage piracy and neither you should. Please give authors their proper credit of hard work and dedication towards writing the nicest books for you. PDF’s are created only for those students who are poor and not capable of buying but have the curiosity to gain something, if you are capable,buy the books because investment on education always pays.
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