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About R K Rajput Electrical Technology:

Electrical technology by R k Rajput consists of total 7 chapters and written exclusively for first year engineering students.  Beside many exemplar problems, nicely explained topics, this book also contain “Laboratory practicals” section to help students in their electrical technology lab.

  • There are many salient features of Electrical technology by R k Rajput, you should look at.
  • The presentation of the subject matter is very systemic, lucid and very easy to understand.
  • Each chapter is equipped with many diagrams to make things easier to understand.
  • A large number of examples are present in every chapter to make unsolved question easier to solve.
  • There are thousands of objective type question at the end of each chapter, making this book important for competitive examinations too.

Topics covered in Electrical technology by R k Rajput:

Dc circuits and netwrok analysis

Ac circuits

Three phase ac network


Rotating machines

Measuring instruments


Laboratory experiments

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