8 Best Educational Gifts for Kids

Who do you adore the most in the family?

Kids, right!

It is kids who bring joy and happiness in the house. Having kids around us make the home more living. And who knows this better than the parents.

And it’s the parents’ responsibility to make them learn good habits from an early age. Kids are flexible and you can mold them whatever the way you want.

What makes our kids a good person are the surrounding, environment, and values. And this starts from home. Family is not the members in the house, a family is the values that all of us inculcate in ourselves.

It is very important to create a healthy bond with your kids at the early age itself. The education is what will make them a good person.
Now, how do you think education should be imparted in a child other than schools?

There are so many ways to help kids learn and educate them. Educational gifts are one of the ways to shape their lives in a better way. Good parents know better that giving educational gifts to their kids on their birthdays and other occasions develop learning habit in their kids.

The gifts are what every kid loves. And it’s something that they want it every day. Now it’s whose responsibility to gift something that would bring a healthy change? Of course, Parents! 

Its important to give good amount of time to search and buy great educational fits for them like you give searching for your new year gift, 1st anniversary gift, 2nd anniversary gift and so on. 

It is okay if you don’t know what educational gifts are and what comes under it. I am here to help you answer this question. Just keep reading till the end.

What are educational gifts?

Educational gifts are the toys used to help children develop particular skills and improve memory. These toys are maybe in the form of objects, charts, and models.

For example, a word game that helps kids learn to spell, guess different words and improve their vocabulary. This was just an example; it might have a different name in the market. 

What is the importance of Educational gifts?

– Help children in the developmental process
– Improve their skills, vocabulary, and other areas
– Learns to learn through various activities
– Starts showing more interest in learning
– Improves memory, and learning habits
– Learns to learn from everything provided to them

These gifts help them socialize and make friends as they play with friends and members in the house

There are so many points to the importance of educational gifts if we just keep brainstorming. It is what helps children learn in today’s time where internet and useless toys are changing the healthy mindset of children. 

8 Best educational gifts for you kids:

1. Shifu Orboot
Shifu orboot is an app-based educational toy that takes a learner around the world through its features. The kid can learn Geography, History, Environmental Science, and more.

RUIDELI is another educational toy having wooden blocks, alphabets, numbers, and shapes in it. This makes a kid learn alphabets, count numbers, colors stacking and shape sorting.

3. 6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
6 pack jigsaw puzzles come with 3 animal and 3 vehicles puzzle. This educational toy is helpful for kids in their 18 months and up. It helps them brainstorm and improve memory.

4. Nickelodeon – Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol is an Electronic me reader, story reader, and 8 book set. The kid can listen to stories using Paw Patrol by choosing books from the set. It has charming music, great narration, surprising sounds, etc

5. Aqua doodle drawing mat
Aqua doodle drawing mat allows a kid to paint, doodle and draw on the mat. This helps a kid develop drawing and painting skills. The use of different colors also makes the kid familiar with shades of color.

6. Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart
Electronic interactive alphabet wall chart helps toddlers learn alphabets, word association, learn numbers, and take quizzes.  

7. Osmo
Osmo is an IPad based game. It lets kids interact with actual hand held pieces and acquire knowledge.
It includes 19 cardboard pretend play costume pieces, 38 silicon sticks, silicon gameplay mat, and stackable storage for gameplay

8. Teytoy
Teytoy is a Baby Toy Zoo series. It has 26 pieces of soft alphabet cards. This helps kids interact with cards, learn alphabets, improve key skills like language, imagination, communication skills, etc