What Are The Documents Required For Filing Home Insurance Claim?

In case of any damage to the insured property, the first step is to contact the Insurance Company for filing the Home Insurance Claim.

You have to produce your Homeowners Insurance Policy, which has the below information:

  • The first page of the policy called the declarations page, and it contains important information.
  • Particulars of the insured
  • Coverage Amount
  • Property description
  • Insurance cost
  • Contact address and details

You need to fill-up the Claim forms which is submitted with the necessary details and supporting documents regarding the loss. This can be done directly or through intermediaries such as agents or mortgage banks.

Besides a filled-up Claim form, the documents which will also be required are:

  • In case of an earthquake, a seismological report from a government earth science laboratory may be required.
  • In case of a damage caused due to fire, a report from the nearest fire brigade office may be required.
  • A police report may be required wherever necessary.

The insurance company will vet the claim through its registered valuers and assessors, and the claim will be processed in due course. In case the house is repaired through registered contractors, they will take care of the repairs and submit their bills to the insurance company for payment.

Making a property damage claim can be too technical and tiresome for the layman. At times, it may be easier and more rewarding to hire professionals for such works. A professional public adjuster will provide quick and adequate help in filing your claim. He will do the documentation of the damage and the replacement cost; as well as negotiate with the insurance company for an early and fair settlement of your claim.