Different Types of SSL Certificates – A Guide to SSL Encryption

Often, we see various types of SSL certificates listed on different SSL service provider’s websites and this lead to a lot of confusion. There comes number questions in mind like; what type of SSL certificate is the best? Why there is a price difference? Which one your website actually needs?

These questions are genuine, of course, and one must research before any investment, whether it is big or small. Here I tried to differentiate between them to make things easy and clear all your confusion.

There are various types of SSL certificates available; they are classified according to the level of security they provide, the number of encryption layers they use and other extra features.

We come across different types of websites for various information every day and expect them to be safe and secure.

There are some crucial categories such as e-commerce, search engine, social network and government portal which really need a very high level of security due to very high traffic and frequent cyber-attacks.

If you own a website falling into categories such as Blog, Portfolio, Small Organization; there is a no need for the very high level of encryption and all. So, SSL with fewer features does the job perfectly.

Considering various factors, SSL is of following types: