Control System Engineering By Norman S. Nise

Author – Norman S. Nise


About The Book

“Control System Engineering” by Norman S. Nise introduces students to the theory and practice of control system engineering. The text emphasizes the practical application of the subject to the analysis and design of feedback systems.

The study of control systems engineering is essential for students pursuing degree in electrical, mechanical, aerospace, biomedical, or chemical engineering.

Control systems are found in a broad range of applications within these disciplines, from aircraft and spacecraft to robots and process control systems.

This subject is suitable for upper-division college and university engineering students and for those who wish to master the subject matter through self-study. There are many books by the same writer on robotics and automation, equally popular.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Modeling in the frequency
  3. Modeling in the time
  4. Time response
  5. Reduction of
    multiple subsystems
  6. Stability
  7. Steady-state errors
  8. Root locus techniques.
  9. Design via root locus,
  10. Frequency response
  11. Design via frequency
  12. Design via state space
  13. Digital control systems,
  14. Matlab tutorial
  15. Matlab’s simulink

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