Why Contentmart? How to Join As A Content Writer or Hire Someone…

Writing is not only a skill; it comes from your deep desires which burn down the ink in a paper to leave an impression behind forever.

Contentmart understands how important it is for writers to portray their skills and that is why they provide the writers a hassle-free environment to deal with clients all across the world and get paid as per their own demands.

The best part about this site is that it works vice versa to and if you are a client looking for some breath-taking articles, you can contact the writers and choose the best suitable one for you.

How to earn Money from Contentmart.

  • Create a profile: To get started, it is mandatory to create a profile which you can even easily sign up by using your Gmail or Facebook profile.
  • Update profile: It is very important to start polishing your profile by updating your details and putting up some sample work in the portfolio. As you are a beginner, it is important for you to keep your profile in the best condition because that is the only thing that will persuade clients to give you orders.
  • Take Test: If you want to increase the value of your profile, then try to accomplish all the test so that your skills in English come more verified and you are portrayed as a writer with Advanced English skill and trust me, clients are more likely to hire people with advanced skills in English because “delighted” sounds more professional than “happy”.
  • Place bid: You have to place your suitable bid in the orders given, if the client is interested in working with you they will message you or at some cases, they will even give you the work directly by looking at your profile.

Ps- Don’t do delay with orders because that will decrease your rating and is surely not pleasing to the clients visiting your site.

  • Get paid- Once you have submitted the article, the client will approve it or will ask you to make required amendments. After the approval is done, you will be asked to give a review about the client out of 5 stars. Once you are done with that the money will directly get transferred in your Contentmart Try to provide the best work because even the client rates you and that rating greatly influence your profile.

How to get a good writer?

If you are a client then you can directly make an account, create a bid according to your requirement and how much you are willing to pay for the article, then writers will make their own bid and you just have to choose the most suitable writer for you.

You can even give the writer to redo the work if you are dissatisfied but after all your requirements are accomplished, you just have to pay the writer and place another bid whenever you want.

How to transfer your contentmart money in your bank account?

Before getting started with the procedure to withdraw money.

I would like to inform you that you cannot withdraw any money until the time you have a balance of minimum 3000 Rs in your account or $45.98.

You cannot mix both the currency and withdraw but you can withdraw from both if you meet the minimum criteria.

The time you are making the withdrawal they will ask you whether you want to withdraw from rupee collection or dollar, choose the one with the amount and fill in your account details and click on withdrawal.

Don’t be upset when your money does not reach into your account because the transactions only take place on Thursdays and all the request made on any other day are also proceed on that day.

Why should you join Contentmart?

  • Work with clients worldwide- Get an opportunity to work with international clients and widen your knowledge. This platform creates a common platform for all the writers from all across the world.
  • Know the worth of your work- When you work on a platform like this, you get to know the value of your work in the market. At times few writers fade away just because they don’t know whether they are good enough but this site is just like the most awaited platform for them.
  • Earn money- If you are a good writer then you can surely earn a handful of money from this platform. Extra money is never a problem in people’s lives so if you are a capable writer, then you should never miss this opportunity.
  • Secured Network- You can directly work with clients and earn a lot of money without sharing any information with them. This makes your safety with giving you the guarantee of being paid for the work.

PS- Contentmart takes a commission of 20% in per order so place a bit higher bid.

Contentmart has grown widely with time. From its easy to use accessibility till the best platform for writers and client, Contentmart is working each day to provide you a better service.