Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer by John C.Tannehill


Title: Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Author: John C.Tannehill

Publisher : Taylor and Francis
Edition : Second
Pages : 803
PDF Size : 35 Mb

Book Description

Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer by the authors John C.Tannehill, Dale A. Anderson, Richard H. Pletcher is written to cater students with the fundamentals of computational fluid mechanics theory and applications using various computational methods.

The book is divided into tow parts, part first of the book covers material fundamentals and application of finite difference methods. Second part of the book discusses the use of these methods in solving different types of computational fluid mechanics problems and it also provides a lot of solved examples and quality unsolved problems.

The book covers following topics:

1. Introduction
2 Partial Differential Equations
3 Basics of Discretization Methods
4 Application of numerical methods to selected model equations
5 Governing equations of fluid mechanics and heat transfer
6 Numerical methods for inviscid flow equations
7 Numerical methods for boundary layer type equations
8 Numerical methods for the Parabolized Navier-Stokes equations
9 Numerical methods for the Navier-Stokes Equation
10 Grid Generation

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