Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers by Tuncer Cebeci


Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Author: Tuncer Cebeci

Book Description:

Computational fluid dynamics by Tuncer Cebeci serves undergraduate engineering students with great fluid dynamics insights. It is one of the most popular books to get started with computational fluid dynamics, everything inside the book is well explained and to the point.

This eBook focuses mainly on finite difference and finite volume methods and mostly two-dimensional flows concepts, while it also keeps key arguments general enough to apply to the three-dimensional case as well.

Topics Covered:

Part I
1. Basic Philosophy of CFD
2. Governing Equations of Fluid Dynamics
3. Incompressible Inviscid Flows: Source and Vortex Panel Methods
4. Mathematical Properties of the Fluid Dynamic Equations
5. Discretization of Partial Differential Equations
6. Transformations and Grids
7. Explicit Finite Difference Methods: Some Selected Applications to Inviscid and Viscous Flows
Part II
8. Boundary Layer Equations and Methods of Solution
9. Implicit Time-Dependent Methods for Inviscid and Viscous Compressible Flows, with a Discussion of the Concept of Numerical Dissipation
10. Introduction to Finite Element Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
11. Introduction to Finite Volume Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Part III
12. Aspects of CFD Computations with Commercial Packages

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