Commonly Asked Questions in Thermodynamics – Marc J Assael


Title: Commonly Asked Questions in Thermodynamics

Author: Marc J Assael

Book Description:

The first chapter answers questions about the fundamentals of the subject and provides some simple examples of applications.

The second chapter briefly expounds the basis of statistical mechanics, which links the macroscopic observable properties of materials in equilibrium with the properties and interactions of the molecules they are composed of.

Chapter 3 deals with the applications of the second law of thermodynamics and a range of thermodynamic functions. In Chapter 4 we consider the topic of phase equilibrium and the thermodynamics fluid mixtures, which is vital for both chemists and chemical engineers.

Chapter 5 deals with the topic of chemical reactions and systems that are not in equilibrium. Th is leads to Chapter 6 where we illustrate the principles associated with heat engines and refrigeration. In both cases our emphasis is on using examples to illustrate the earlier material.