Best Youtube Channels For Engineers and Techies

YOUTUBE – The most popular video portal on the web is not only a center of entertainment today but also the biggest online education hub. It is now one of the biggest platforms for learners as well as educators and has an ocean of great and quality contents for professionals as well as students of different sections like engineering, mathematics, medicine and so on. There are thousands of youtube channels out there of different genres like entertainment, technology, and  Vlogs etc. Here are the best channels for students from engineering background as well as for those who are enthusiastic about technology, definitely going to give your knowledge and curiosity a new height.

Learn Engineering

At Learn Engineering, quality engineering education is the main motive of the channel creator. All videos are designed to clear your misconceptions related to science, create a passion for engineering within you and explain complicated technologies in a very simple way.

There are hundreds of high quality videos on this channel to thrill your passion and encourage you to do something new. As described by the channel administrator, he uses software named as Blender, GIMP and Camtasia Studio to edit and give special effects to their videos. Channel link is given below.

Visit Learn Engineering Channel

Khan Academy

With 30lacs+ subscribers and 1000+ videos, khan academy is the most viewed and the largest free education network. Founded by Salman Khan in 2006, Khan Academy is very popular too and has over 10 YouTube channels related to education. The organization works on the motto “Our mission to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” and proved them by doing a great job. You will find very high quality videos on the channel created with the help of professionals and experts. Visit the channel now if you haven’t been there ever, you will love them for sure.

Go to Khan Academy

Khan Academy Website


Go to NPTEL Channel

NPTEL Website

NPTEL Videos 

Engineering Explained


Minute Physics


Visit Channel 

Crash Course

The Curious Engineer

The Product Tank

MIT News

How it’s made

We have mentioned video making and editing tools on this page for you because in case you are planning to start your own channel on YouTube, you may take some ideas from here. Edu informer encourages you to showcase your passion to the world via YouTube, we will be happy to help you if you need any assistance related to video making and software tools. Let us know your query in the comment section below and spread the words by sharing.

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