High-Paying 8 Best Jobs of the Future: Time to Gear Up


There are no best than the job of our interest.

However, there are jobs that have highest paying salaries and are in demand. These jobs give you more opportunities in case of status, money and image.

If you are confused with what job you should go for then go for what you want to do. In case you want your job to pay you more than expected, below is the list of the 8 best jobs for the future.

High Paying Jobs of the Next Decade

  1. App developer :


The technology has come so far that not a single work is done manually.

App developers are the ones who look from the side of an internet user and develop an app for a betterment of the world and the country.

Their main job is of creating, testing, and programming apps for computers, mobile phones and all other electronic devices.

Average salary of an app developer is $71,173 per year. It starts from $55,415 and goes till $141,642

  • Top level app developer earns $141,642/ yr
  • Senior app developer earns $95,425/yr
  • Mid level app developer earns $71,173/yr
  • Junior app developer earns $59,706/yr
  • Beginner earns $55,415/yr

How to become?

  • Requires bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming or a computer related field.
  1. Computer system analyst:

Computer system analysts analyse an organisation’s current system. They do the job of designing and creating new solutions for organisation to operate more efficiently.

An average salary of a computer system analyst is $88,270. However, highest paid salary is $112,540.

Education requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer programming
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science is common
  • Some Computer system analysts are also mastered in business administration

However a computer system analyst can also go for project management.

  1. Nurse practitioner:

Nurse practitioners are the health care taker. They prescribe patients with medications, heal illnesses, take health care and provide recovery treatments.

Nurse practitioners are in utmost demand today because of the work they do. Every clinic, medical setting, hospitals today require registered nurses in numbers for the health care of patients.

An average salary of registered nurse is $73,550 which breaks down as an average of $35.36 hourly and $1,414 weekly.

Educational requirements:

  • Diploma or bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Need to pass NCLEX-RN.
  • Master’s degree is optional.
  1. Physical therapist:

Physical therapists play an important role in rehabilitation.

They do the job of helping patients improve mobility, recover injuries and physical illnesses. These physical therapists promote health and wellness programs for encouraging better lifestyle of people. Their main motive is to promote health in all means possible.

Also, ‘Physical therapy’ and ‘Physiotherapy’ are synonyms. They are not any different as we take them. Both terms means the same.

An average salary of physical therapist is $86,000 yearly, $7,210 monthly, $1,633 weekly, $41.49 hourly.

Educational requirements:

  • Doctorate’s degree is must.
  • Seven to eight months clinical experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree is again a requirement.
  • Requires licence to practice therapy in the country you reside.
  1. Health service manager:

Health care managers manage medical setting departments for doctors and physicians.

They also manage clinical departments and analyses the need and requirements of patients from the department.

Health care managers look open all the aspects to provide better and efficient services to the patients. Their main motive is to continuously improving the medical setting and experience of the patients.

An average salary of health care managers is $62,290 yearly. Moreover, the report also says that their salary ranges from $58,350 to $176,130.

Educational requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health care administration.
  • Master’s degree in health care management.
  • Certification in finance, access or informative is optional.
  1. Physician assistant:

Physician assistants work with the health care team and under the supervision of professionals. They do the work of helping doctors, and physicians in the treatment process. Physician assistants stand by physicians; provide them with equipment, keep patients records and also treat illnesses.

Physician assistants earn an average salary of $124,200 yearly. However a lower level assistant earns $87,980.

Educational requirements:

  • To become a physician assistant one needs to be trained in science courses – anatomy, microbiology, physiology in addition to others.
  • However, a bachelor’s degree is must to become a physician assistant.
  1. Dental hygienist:

Dental hygienists provide dental health care to the patient. Their main job includes cleaning the teeth and provides preventing measure to maintain patient’s oral health.

Dental hygienists are in utmost demand. Everybody of us go through tooth problems which can be treated by dental hygienists. They encourage people for healthy life styles by promoting dental care to their patients.

An average salary of a dental hygienist is $74,820. This may, however, depend on experience of dental hygienist.

Educational requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or certification from dental hygiene school is required.
  • American dental association offers dental programs such as dental laboratory, pediatric dentistry, PREDOC etc.
  • One needs to pass dental plus clinical examination after their graduation to become a dental hygienist.
  1. Market research analyst:

Market research analysts analyses the production and sales process of the company. They analyse the market conditions, other company’s products, interact with customers to help company give better output and gain profit.

Their work process includes analysing the condition, product analyses, documentation of analysis, providing reports, and solutions.

An average salary of market research analyst is $63.130. The lowed paid analyst earns less than $34,310 and highest paid analyst earns more than $121,108.

Educational requirements:

Be it computer system analyst, business analyst or market research analyst the first step to become one is bachelor’s degree.

The above jobs are for you if you have no idea of what career you should opt for. It happens that we are aware of our potentialities but not our interest area. If your motive is to earn more money, then these are the best future jobs.

However, if your motive is to be successful then I would recommend you to find out your interest area and make it as your future.