Which Homeowners insurance company is the best?

Insurance prices from different companies can be a good indicator to ascertain which company is the best for you. You can ask for quotes from several companies on your list and compare them. Many companies have an online calculator on their websites which can also be used.

Amica Mutual emerged as the most competitively priced insurance company.

Discounts offered

Many insurance companies will offer a slew of discounts. These can be :

  • Multiple policy discounts, which is offered in case you also take an auto or life insurance.
  • Protective/ safety device discount offered for installing home security, alarm, sprinkler system etc.
  • Claim-Free discount offered for not making any claim in the past year or so.
  • Other discount schemes like Newly Purchased Home, New/Renovated Home, Group Savings, Early Buyer etc.

Liberty Mutual turned out to be the most competitive insurance companies with very aggressive discounts.


How fast a company settles claims may help decide which the best company is.  Data on claim settlement can be taken from certain websites like J.D. Power and Associates and ConsumerReports.org. Amica Mutual came out as the top company in both the survey ratings.

According to these parameters, Amica Mutual turns out to be the best homeowners insurance company.