Best Homeowners Insurance Companies (2018)

Amica Insurance has emerged as the best homeowner insurance company. There are many reasons for it. First and foremost is the fact that it has emerged at the top according to the annual survey of JD Power. The reasons are not far to be found.

Amica Insurance offer good customer service and claim processing. But more than that what is more appealing is that the policy holders are not merely customers but the owners of the company as dividends are paid to the shareholders in case of premium surplus.

This itself sums up the service philosophy of Amica. Its approach is different from others, for its bets big on its services more than anything else. Although it may not provide the cheapest premium; but it does provide the widest coverage. They also offer better rates to customers with good credit scores and a clean claim history.

Amica also charges a premium that may turn out to be more expensive than others. However, the point to note here is that it is not important how much costly is the premium. What is important is how much coverage is being offered, as a home is a very costly proposition. In this, you will be happy to know that Amica offers the widest and highest coverage for every dollar of premium you spend on it.

Amica Mutual leads the run-up for J D Power best insurance companies for the third consecutive year. The company not only returns up to 20% in the form of dividends, but also provides attractive discounts in case of home and car insurance bundling. Its record in case of servicing car insurance is very enviable as well.

The only area where Amica falters is that Amica is unable to offer home insurance products in Alaska and Hawaii.