Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools : To Get A Perfect Domain


Searching for a domain name and out of ideas? Go through the post, these domain name suggestion tools will help you for sure.

Getting a catchy domain name with top level domain extensions isn’t easy nowadays. You have to go through a lot of head-scratching moments before finalizing a perfect domain name for your brand. Thanks to these tools which really reduce the burden and helping thousands everyday to get a domain name of their choice.

In this post, you will discover some of the highly recommended and excellent tools which uses different algorithms like word combination, random search to create great domain names.

If you want to explore important tips before buying domain names, check this guide

1. Lean Domain Search

Best-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsWith its super easy and clean interface, Lean Domain Search is on the top of the list, guess why? You just need to enter letter/word that you want to have in your domain name, hundreds and even thousands of domain name suggestion will be on your screen within seconds. There are filters such as ” Start with search term”, “End with search term” , “Alphabetical”, “Length”,”Popularity” , that can be applied to find great domain names. Another good feature is, it shows those names which are not registered.

2. NameMesh

Good-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsAnother excellent domain name search and suggestion tool, NameMesh gives more emphasis on available domain name extensions. It also come up with new generated domain for some keyword you enter. You can enter either a single word or multiple words with comma in the search box. A very interesting feature it has, it shows results category wise like “New”, “Short”, “SEO”, “Similar” that make things little bit easy.

3. Wordoid

Blog-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsAn intelligent name creator tool, Wordoid can be used to find name for product, company or domain. What makes it special is its random name generation feature; you can either enter a phrase or leave the search bar blank. Hit the “Create Wordoids” button and there will be hundreds of names with availability status. Give Wordoid a try, you will not leave empty handed.

4. DomainsBot

Blog-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsWith DomainsBot, it is easy to find names with your keyword and it also shows “expiring” and “expired domain names” for sale. You can also add prefix/suffix to your keyword that increases the chance to get a domain name of your choice. However, it comes up with few names but still it’s worth to try.

5. Panabee


Like NameMesh, Panabee is another cool domain name generation tool. The only difference between them is, Panabee doesn’t show the results category-wise. But it has feature of showing “related terms” to your entered keyword, which might help you little bit. You can enter a single phrase or multiple words with spaces to search domain on Panabee. Ex: Enter SEO or WP Easy Seo , both are valid queries. Another good feature I would like to mention about Panabee is that it also shows prices of domain names generated & options to buy from leading registrar side by side.

6. Sibername


Probably, the most under rated domain name generator, Sibername deserves to be included in this list. With awesome interface, it generates only available domain names really fast. You have option to filter generated domain names on the basis of popular keywords, trending, geography and short names. All you need to do is to enter a single word only in the search box. Don’t forget to check this out.

7. NameStation

Google-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsNamestation is another smart domain name search tool with instant availability check. Unlike other tools, it also has the feature to organize “Crowdsourced name contests”, where you pay some dollars and use participating creative minds to create a unique and great domain name for you.  You can also participate in contests to earn rewards if you have some killer ideas roaming in your mind. As of now, if you only want Namestation to generate a good name, you have to enter keyword/keywords and it will create thousands of available combinations within second.

8. Cool Name Ideas

Amazing-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsCool Name Ideas has basically three types of name generators inside ie. Business name, blog name and product name generators. There are lot of filters that can be applied and many advanced options to find a perfect name. The beauty of this amazing name generator tool is that it also check for social name availability on major networks like twitter, Facebook.

9. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify-Best-Domain-Name-Suggestion-toolsA highly popular and first choice for many of us, Shopify needs no introduction. Like Lean Domain Search, it also uses word combinations to generate names. You have to enter the keyword that you want to be included in the desired name, Shopify just adds prefix/suffix to make thousands of combinations. It shows only available domain names but there is option to show registered names related to the keyword entered.

Gone through all the above website and still scratching your head? There are some more left to try, equally great. Check them out:

1. Dotomator

2. Domainhole

3. Agile Domain Search

4. NameSmith

5. Anadea

Do you know, you can get chosen name for free? There are many hosting service providers which offers free domain name with hosting plans. Some of them are Bluehost, GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGtor and 1&1 .

Want me to add any other great domain name suggestion tool in the list? Your suggestions are most welcome. Let us know in the comment section below.