Best and Worst Homeowners Insurance Companies (2018)

This is a tricky question and cannot be answered with certainty.  When you say “best” and “worst”, then it means in terms of certain parameters.

These parameters can be quick response, efficient service, best rates, in terms of size or reach etc. So this is somewhat subjective.

To assess an insurance company performance, you may need to check the company’s financial rating. This will give you an idea about how well they are able to treat their customers.

Many rating agencies use financial strength as a measure to judge an insurance company’s ability to pay claims to their customers in a reasonable time frame.

You can study an independent, third-party evaluator like A.M. Best, which compiles credit ratings for insurance companies across the country.

You can also study the consumer complaint reports. There are government department which receives and investigates consumer complaints about unfair treatment by insurance companies.

These are available online for everyone. You can go through these to assess the companies.

See if a consumer complaint index has also been compiled. It will give you an easy to understand snapshot of the performance of the insurance companies.

A higher index number indicates a worse complaint record.

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